Peinert 25—Designed for Lightweight Women and Men

Our racing shell for people 110 - 170 pounds

  • 25’ Long
  • 9.9” Waterline Beam
  • 25.7 - 31.0 lbs. fully rigged (per options)
Ordering Information

Note: We have retooled the 25 to use a bow-mounted wing like our new 26.

Fast shell for lightweight rowers

The Peinert 25 is designed to be the fastest possible racing shell for the rower weighing between 110 and 170 pounds, yet it maintains the ruggedness and stability of the classic Peinert 26, with a superior bow to stern stiffness for racing. It has a narrow hull for speed and a low profile to minimize the effect of cross winds. It is comfortable and easy to balance. Its durable 30% Kevlar / 70% carbon construction allows you to shrug off the occasional collisions with underwater hazards.

Durable Construction

• 30% Kevlar®, 70% Intermediate Modulus woven Carbon construction.
• Honeycomb/Kevlar® I-Beam from the fin through half of the bow deck
• Infused Epoxy resin
• In-mold hard siloxane based paint


• Airfoil shape Aluminum wing in standard quick-release or bolt-on attachment option.
• Airfoil shape Carbon wing in standard quick-release or bolt-on attachment option.
• Rigger adjustable fore and aft, spread easily adjusted 155 to 162 cm. Oarlock height can go up or down 1” inch from the standard setting and rigger can be shimmed an additional 3/4". Will accommodate almost any size or shape rower for school or club use.
• Carl Douglas 34 inch tracks, 23 cm spacing is easy on the calves (other lengths optional).
• Dreher carbon seat, 3.4 cm risers, medium top, 120 mm spaced holes (options on the seat height and other tops with 130 and 160 mm spaced holes)
• H2Row Shoes directly mounted to the footboard. Mounted to be as low as possible in the boat with additional holes to move them higher. (optional clog, shoe mounting plate for quicker change, or any other brand of shoe/mounting system)