Peinert Dolphin —A Superior Open Water Racing Shell

A fast shell for any conditions

  • 24’ Long
  • 13” Waterline Beam
  • 41 lbs. fully rigged
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A Specialized Open Water Racing Boat

Slightly wider and more stable than a racing single. The high gunnels, flat keel, flared sides and slightly higher seat allow you to row through chop or rolling waves. A proven winner in open water racing.

Durable Construction

The hull and deck are both a single skin construction with a Kevlar outer layer and a carbon fiber inner layer. Additional layers reinforce stress points. A vertical vacuum-bagged Nomex honeycomb cored construction frame spans the middle 15 feet of the boat between hull and deck forming an I-beam. High performance vinyl-ester resin is nearly as strong as the best epoxies and is much tougher than any other resin. This construction along with high gunnels make the Dolphin even stiffer than any flat water hull, and provides unparalleled durability. Because the hull does not flex, it will not slow you down by losing its shape in the water, and it will not wear out and become soft over time. The Kevlar fabric is extremely resistant to tears and punctures.


Rigging: Adjustable for height, pitch, and spread. Adjustable tracks. Anodized aluminum rigger is removable with six nuts. Concept II oar locks. The rigger forms a convenient handle, and a center hatch allows access to adjust tracks and for storage. Extremely rigid and durable, the rigging will not slip or go out of adjustment.
Seat: Molded dual action seat with 33 inch adjustable tracks and an extra wide wheel base of 11 inches for added stability and clearance for your calves.
Stretchers: Peinert designed fiberglass clog foot board with foam padded straps. Provides secure comfortable footing for all sizes of feet. Track shoes optional.