Peinert X25—Designed for Lightweight Women and Men

Our racing shell for people 110 - 160 pounds

  • 25’ Long
  • 9.9” Waterline Beam
  • 31 lbs. fully rigged

Note: We are retooling the X25 to use a bow-mounted wing like our new P26. The entire production run of the present design X25 has been sold. We plan to have the new X25 available for the fall of 2020.

Fast shell for lightweight rowers

The Peinert X25 is designed to be the fastest possible racing shell for the rower weighing between 110 and 160 pounds, yet it maintains the ruggedness and stability of the classic Peinert 26, with a superior bow to stern stiffness for racing. It has a narrow hull for speed and a low profile to minimize the effect of cross winds. It is comfortable and easy to balance. Its durable 40% Kevlar / 60% carbon construction allows you to shrug off the occasional collisions with underwater hazards.

Durable Construction

Hull and deck are both a single skin construction with a Kevlar outer layer and a carbon fiber inner layer. Additional layers reinforce stress points. A vertical vacuum-bagged Nomex honeycomb cored construction frame spans the middle 15 feet of the boat between hull and deck forming an I-beam. High performance vinyl-ester resin is nearly as strong as the best epoxies and is much tougher than any other resin. The X25's construction provides a hull as stiff as any top-level shell with unparalleled durability. Because the hull does not flex, it will not slow you down by losing its shape in the water, and it will not wear out and become soft over time. The Kevlar fabric is extremely resistant to tears and punctures.


Rigging: Adjustable for height, pitch, and spread. Adjustable tracks. Anodized aluminum rigger and aluminum tube stern stays. Concept II oar locks. Extremely rigid and durable, will not slip or go out of adjustment.
Seat: Single action (ball bearings) molded Kevlar with Stampfli pattern. 31 inch adjustable tracks. Stretchers: Heel tie-down track shoe foot stretchers.
Inspection Hatch: In bow
Handle: In stern
Number Clip
Color Options: White, Nautical Grey, Cherry Red, Royal Blue, British Racing Green. Hull can vary from deck. Custom colors, stripes, names possible.
Additional Options: Sorbothane Pad, Kit-bag for Hatch, Stern Hatch, Bow Handle, and Stern Vent Plug